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Attic Super Deck Install in Cook Springs, AL

This customer in Cook Springs, AL was reported being very uncomfortable in their home. Our team examined the home and dervied the best solution possible to make the home more comfortable. We installed a Super Deck and regular flooring at the attic access doorway. This will help the home be more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Duct Encapsulation in Cook Springs, AL

The before picture shows the typical duct system that has insulation on the inside. This insulation was not providing the optimum performance needed to keep this home comfortable. The new encapsulation we added does two things that make this duct system more efficient: 1) it seals the joints and any air leaks and 2) it takes the R-value from R-4.2 to approx. R-14! This prevents the cool air you paid to cool from warming up as it passes through that 185 degree attic in the summer time. This will greatly decrease the homeowners energy costs and increase their homes comfort!

Silver-Glow Insulation in Cook Springs, AL

These homeowners in Cook Springs wanted to upgrade the insulation in their attic. Their previous insulation was not providing the home comfort that the residents were seeking, so we suggested the Silver-Glow insulated radiant barrier for their home. These pictures show the attic knee wall before, with regular insulation, and the new Silver-Glow insulated radiant barrier. The new radiant barrier will improve the performace of the homes duct work and reduce the homeowners energy costs, all while delivering increased levels of home comfort.

Heat Pump Replacement in Moody, AL

The heat pump in this Moody, AL home needed to be replaced. But when beginning to replace the system we noticed that a wall had been built in front of the indoor air handling unit that blocked clear access to the unit. We replaced and upgraded the equipment and we also turned the air handler 90 degrees so now there is clear access to service the unit. The home's heat pump system is now up to date and easily accessible!

Pull Down Stair Hatch Cover Moody, AL

Client in Moody, AL had no insulation around their stairs which. This caused problems for the residents of the home because the lack of insualtion allowed heated or cooled air to escape up into the attic, so the home was not able to efficiently heat or cool. We were able to add insulation to help with drafts and make their home more energy efficient and comfortable.  

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