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Before and After Pictures from Birmingham
New Bryant Heat Pump System in Brookside, AL

New Bryant Heat Pump System in Brookside, AL

Before After
New Bryant Heat Pump System in Brookside, AL New Bryant Heat Pump System in Brookside, AL

The residents in this Brookside, AL home faced uncomfortable conditions when their heat pump stopped working, which left them with no cooling. The only solution was to replace the old heat pump with a new Bryant Heat Pump. Newer heat pumps are more dependable and much more efficient than older models, since many advances have been made in heat pumps since they first came into wide use in the 1970's. After installing the new equipment, this home is cool and comfortable like it should be!


New Bryant Air Handler in Brookside, AL

New Bryant Air Handler in Brookside, AL

Before After
New Bryant Air Handler in Brookside, AL New Bryant Air Handler in Brookside, AL

It was time for this home to upgrade it's heat pump. As you may or may not be aware of, when replacing your heat pump it is important to replace your air handler as well. Matched systems not only perform better, but they also have increased efficiency. 

We installed a new Bryant Air Handler as part of a the home's new Heat Pump system. The new Air Handler resides in the same location as the old did, however we rotated it 90 degrees to make it easier to service in the future. Now this home is more dependable and efficient for time to come!

Duct Work Installation in Mt. Brook

Duct Work Installation in Mt. Brook

Before After
Duct Work Installation in Mt. Brook Duct Work Installation in Mt. Brook

These before and after photos are taken inside this Mtn. Brook home's duct system. The existing duct work had active fungus growing inside which is a health and safety issue for the home. We removed the old duct and reaplced it with new duct work insulated on the exterior to help prevent fungus growth in the future. The home is now a safe and healthy environment once again.

Company Awards
Joy recieved a gift of joy from General Manager Tyler Kime for 10 years of dedicated service with Standard. Joy... [Read more]
Kim Merritt Receives 10 Year Standard Heating Service Award from Sales Manager Bill Holder & General Manager Tyler Kime... [Read more]
Standard was awarded the Weathertech/Carrier Gold Award for being in the top tier in purchases of Carrier equipment in our... [Read more]
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Reviews From Birmingham
Testimonials From Birmingham
THIS installation crew did great! Others we have had from your group simply patched things up and left quickly
Testimonial by Ready Mix from Birmingham, AL
JD and Cody were on time, pleasant, cheerful, and efficient. They are excellent representatives of your company.
Testimonial by Nancy B. from Irondale, AL
We've waited 10 years to do this and feel so good now that its done!
Testimonial by Ashley J. from Birmingham, AL

520 8th St. S
Birmingham, AL 35233

Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, & Emergency Service Company in Birmingham, AL

We offer new, energy efficient models of units you already have in your home or we can install a brand new one of your choice. We are the trusted full service insulation, heating and cooling contractor of Birmingham, AL. We specialize in all duct work, cleaning, repair, and much more. It is important that your house functions as one, wholesome unit. The climate and air quality inside depends on multiple things. We work on making your home comfortable and livable.

The core of your home lies within the heating and cooling methods. Your heating and cooling units use the most energy in your home and utility bills can sky rocket if they aren’t functioning properly. We can come out to your home to inspect your units as well as check the insulation of your home. Paying attention to proper insulation methods can also help save energy costs and keep your home running efficiently and safely.

Fixing Furnaces, Water Heaters, Plumbing & more in Birmingham

We install cost-effective and properly functioning HVAC units in your home. We can also insulate any garage, basement, attic or crawl space. Our experts are trained to provide you with multiple options so that you can find the one best suited for you and your family. We also pride ourselves on our customer care and comfort. Your home is important to us, too.

Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Company also specializes in plumbing. Our professionals offer services in new plumbing fixtures and replacements for sinks, toilets and tubs. We can visit any home or business and revamp the bathroom or kitchen with things like new faucets and cleaned drains.

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Company is the trusted air conditioning services company of the Greater Birmingham, AL. We offer a variety of cooling services such as air conditioning repair,installation, and more. Did you know that your air conditioning system is responsible for how your home's air quality? In fact, if you properly maintain your air conditioning, you will never have issues with the quality of your home's air.  

Since 1939, homeowners of Birmingham have trusted us to repair and install central and ductless air conditioning units, and offer a wide assortment of products. If you are in need for air conditioning repair or installation services, contact us today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate! 

Heating & Air Conditioning Services We Offer:

  • Air Conditioning Repair & Installation
  • Central & Ductless Air Conditioning 
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Gas Boiler Installation
  • Gas Furnace Installation
  • Electric Furnace Replacement

Insulation Services

If your home is unusually warm in the summer or cool in the winter, odds are you in need of better insulation. At Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Company, we offer a wide variety of home insulation services ranging from air sealing, attic insulation, blown-in insulation, cellulose insulation, crawl space insulation, basement insulation, and even garage insulation.  We understand that using the proper insulation in the right part of your home is extremely important, and will yield the greatest results. 

Insulation Services We Offer:

  • Air Sealing
  • Attic, Basement, Garage and Crawl Space Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Spray Foam 
  • Cellulose Insulation
  • Ductwork: Repair, Sealing, Cleaning

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Case Studies From Birmingham
The customer in this home reported the main floor being uncomfortably hot and clearly not cooling as it normally does.
The challenge in this home was the cooling stopped working on the bedroom end of the house. This caused major discomfort and loss of sleep for the...
This Mountain Brook home's AC stopped working in the heat of the summer, leaving residents confused and uncomfortable!
Press Releases From Birmingham
"Come see us at the Southern Women's Show in Birmingham October 8-11, at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex! Four days of shopping, tasting, prizes and more!"... [Read more]
Job Stories From Birmingham, AL
Water Leak Repair in Birmingham, AL

One of our customers called and reported a problem with their water pressure being extremely low. Before they called us, they had contacted a water works company to come out and check the problem. The company said everything appeared to be fine judging from their meter readings. Dissatisfied with this response, the homeowner called us for a second oppinion. Upon our visitation to the home, right away we spotted a wet spot in the front flower bed of the customer's home. We dug into the wet spot and found that a section of their water pipe was leaking, which was the source of their low water pressure issues. We quickly began to replace the bad section of the pipe to stop the leak and return the home's water pressure back to normal. Now this home's water is working as it should be and saving the homeowners from an outrageous water bill.


Ward Family Gets New Cooling

We installed a new Bryant furnace, coil, condensing unit, and thermostat to replace the old inefficient system that had been in this residence for more than eighteen years. Now the Ward family is ready to face another 17 years with a great, new, energy efficient system.

New Bryant High Efficient Furnace for the Thompson Residence

We installed this new furnace in place of the Thompsons old one in which the blower motor had went out. The original had been in the home for 14 years and was in no shape to repair. The new furnace comes with a 10 year part and 1 year labor warranty.

New Coil & AC Unit for the Thurman Family

We installed a new Bryant AC unit & coil, reconnected to existing low & high voltage wiring. Reconnected to existing refrigerent lines. This new Bryant unit should provide cooling comfort to the Thurman family for many years to come.

New Bryant Heat Pump For the Friend Residence

We replace the home owners ond system with a new, state of the art Bryant heat pump system, including a new programable thermostat. the new system has a ten year part warranty and one year labor warranty. The most obvious benefit of a heat pump system is its ability to provide warmth. This can be achieved with the simple touch of a button: at the wall; or on the remote; and even from the comfort of your chair.  Heat pumps can very quickly increase the temperature of a room.

Ductless Mini Split System for a Server Room.

Clients computer system kept shutting down due to heat build up in the afternoons. Solution was to go in and install a ductless mini split system. The system had a high wall mounted fan coil and outdoor unit on the roof just above the server room.

Two rooftop unit replacement on a commercial building

We installed a two new roof top package units, reconnected to existing low & high voltage wiring. Reconnected to existing drain lines.

New Furnace in Birmingham, AL

We installed this new furnace and coil as part of a new system for this Birmingham, AL family. 

Furnace Replacement for Birmingham, AL Home

We replaced an old condensing unit, which had a bad compressor, with the new Bryant unit you see in these photos.

Furnace Replacement in Birmingham, AL

A home in Birmingham, AL experienced a homeowner's worst nightmare: a broken furnace! This home needed a new one quickly. 

Since the furnace was nearly 20 years old, the owners decided to purchase a new, more efficient one. The new furnace comes with a 10 year part warranty and a 20 year heat exchange warranty.

The family can now live happily knowing they can heat their home. 

Working in the rain!!!

Our field staff does whatever it takes on the front lines to get our customers taken care of. This customer had a freon leak in the line set leading from the indoor section to the outdoor. So even in a driving rain storn and having to wear a garbage bag for a rain coat our Blue Chip technicians found the leak and repaired it so our customer would have cooling last night. "Whatever it Takes"

Install a new Generac 22/19.5 kw natural gas stand-by generator

Install a new Generac 22 k.w. generator to power up needed item during a power outage. Power the Master bedroom heating and cooling system as well as the refrigerator and freezer, along with microwave, coffee maker and assorted lights and wall plugs through out the living space.

Commercial Air Handler replacement at Alabama Ballet School in Birmingham Al

Commercial Air Handler replacement at Alabama Ballet School in Birmingham Al

Rusted and broken furnace vent pipe

The customer had a funny smell that they could be detected whenever the heat would come on. He looked under the house and new the vent did not look correct to him, so he called and had us come out and take a look. Our Comfort specialist found as you can see by the picture the vent connector had broken and had falledn down. The chimney was also old and on an exterior wall of the house. In our area we cannot vent into a exterior chimney unless it is lined with metal. The solution run a flexable line up and out the top of the chimney adding a storm collar and wind proof cap on top. New double wall vent connector from furnace over to the new chimney liner. No more odor and most important no more poision flue gas coming into the house.

Package Unit Replacement Birmingham Al

While we were out on service call our Blue chip technician dicovered the gas package unit had a cracked heat exchanger. We gave the customer a repair price and a replacement price. The homeowner chose to replace the old unit with a new high efficiency Carrier unit. Our Blue Chip super crew took it from there and by the end of the next day our customer had a brand new carrier unit and new return duct that they do not have to worry about for many years to come. 

Carrier System Upgrade

Our customer had a house that had one system serving both floor levels, so they were always a little warm upstairs. The time came recently to replace that old system. Our Comfort Specialist went over and came up with a new design for the house. Replace the old package unit and duct system that served both floor levels. We installed a new two zone ductless mini split system to do the second floor bedrooms and a new split system along with new duct work to do the lower level of the home.

Technology at work, the smart phone is not just for talking & texting.

Sometimes when we see one of our Blue Chip super techs with his phone in his hand we think well he is wasting time. But take a closer look in this picture you will see that his electric meter and two temperature clamps are sending data to his phone. This way he is checking electric amp draw and Freon charge pressures and temperatures at the same time. In reality his smart phone allows him to check the system quicker and more efficiently.

Ducts that need to be cleaned

This photo album has pictures of very dirty ductwork. As you can see the duct is made out of fibered duct board. A duct board system is usually sealed fairly well. However in this case the filter did not fit completely in the filter slot, leaving a gap for duct and all other air born particles to bypass the filter. When this happens after just a few years you have a dirty coil and very dirty duct work. So make sure your filter fits properly, if needed call and we can come out and take a look at your filter system and check the duct system to see if it needs to be cleaned.

New coil and condensing unit for a Birmingham Al residence

The customer needed a new coil and condensing unit. One of our Comfort Specialist met with the home owner and gave several options. The decision was made to reuse the existing furnace which was in good shape, we installed an new evaprator coil and condensing unit. We also added two dampers in the supply runs that serve the Master Bathroom and balanced the air-flow.

New system for the Bruce G. residence

The residence outdoor section of their current heating and cooling system stopped working and needed to be replaced. We replace the old with a new Carrier 80% gas furnace, coil, 14 seer condensing unit and a new thermostat. The new system also came with a new secondary drain pan with a water safety switch. The new system went in as normal, now the customer has a new system that is working great and efficently.

Duct incapsulation in the sattic of the Wayne N. residence

We encapsulate duct system in attic with polyurethane spray foam to keep the hot tempatures in the attic from migrating into the duct and heating the air the clint and already paid to cool.We also installed TileShell recessed light fixture cover over top of can light & seal with polyurethane foam around edge and any holes made for electrical wires. Now the upstairs is more comfortable and less duct issues as well.

New sysem for Mr. & Mrs. G's home

Mr & Mrs G's condensing unit of their current heating and cooling system stopped working and needed to be replaced due to the hot tempature and high humidity. The system was all of the same age so the home owner chose to replace the old with a new Carrier 90% gas furnace, coil, 16seer Carrier condensing unit and a new Hhigh performance air purifier and UV light. The new system required also came with a new concrete pad for the outdoor unit and new secondary drain pan with a water safety switch. The new system went in nicely, and Mr. & Mrs. G. has a new system that is working great and efficently and will keep them comfortable a very long time.

J.G. residence furnace replacement in an existing Birmingham Al home

The blower motor on their current heating and cooling system stopped working and needed to be replaced due to 95 degree tempature. The furnace was at an age it made more sence to replace rather than  repair, so the home owner chose to replace the old furnace with a new Carrier 80% gas furnace. The new furnace went in quickly, now their system is working great and they have a new furnace that will save them money this coming winter.

Low Water Pressure in Birmingham Alabama Home

The home had low water pressure and the tankless water heater didn't seem to be able to heat the water. Our Plumber Matt went out and within a couple of hours and he had the problem diagnosed and fixed in under 30 minutes. He just replaced the pressured the pressure regulator valve.

Leaking Water Service

Customer caslled in to say they had a wet spot in the front yard and that they had noticed there water bill had gone up over the last couple of months. Our plumbing technician went out and made sure everything in the house water wise was off, he then checked the meter and saw that the gallon counter was still turning, indicating a leak. He then begin to dig where the wet spot was on the front lawn and discovered the leak, The leak was coming from a old repair at the same location in the water service line from the meter. We then cut out the bad section and replaced with heavey duty compression fittings. Another Blue Chip plumbing repair well done.

Plumbing Emergency

Outstanding service from Matt Carroll. Liked his work so much we had him back a week or so later to address a different problem. Matt is extremely knowledgeable and was able to troubleshoot the problem immediately plus he found a problem we didn't know we had and he was able to nip it in the bud before it became a BIG problem. He brought his teammate Bobby Jenkins, and the two of them working together are GREAT!

High Humidity in Birmingham, AL

Extremely high humidity reported to us by the home owner, with some mold and or mildew in her closets. Our comfort specialist visited the home and connected the blower door to the house and with the help of his infrared camera and smoke puffer found many areas where outside and attic air were coming in. The home had recently been remodeled and had several can lights installed that were letting hot humid air in from the attic. He also pinpointed air coming in from wire holes, plumbing penetrations and wall top plates in the attic. We quoted sealing the wall top plates, adding can light covers and a hatch cover along with a whole house dehumidifier. We installed this on a Friday and the following Tuesday the home owner called to say the humidity was better but still a little high. Our comfort specialist goes back out and finds the home owner had emptied out all the closets and not he could get in them and found that the door trim on the closets had been replaced during the remodel and there were 2" wide gaps. The gaps were down each side of the door trim where the pieces of sheet rock had not been reinstalled after the door trim went back in. So armed with backer rod and caulking we began sealing these large cracks. Now the humidity problem has been completely corrected and the whole house dehumidifiers is doing its job, no more mildew and a happy customer.

Reinulating an Attic in Vestavia Al.

In this Vestavia AL home the customer stated the home was to hot in the summer and that her air conditioning was running all the time. We did our Dr Energy Saver home inspection and we found sections in the attic that was completely void of insulation and other ares where it had settled below the levels it needed to have. Also there were air leaks around vents, electrical fixtures and around plumbing pipes which were all letting hot, dirty air from the attic migrate into the living space. These holes would also let dust into the home causing the home owner to dust every couple of days.  We sent our Dr Energy Saver production crew over and they started by using one part spray foam to seal around all of the holes that were found on the inspection. They foamed around wires that went down into the walls to the electrical plugs and switches. Sealed around plumbing pipes and ducts. Next they blew in new Cellulose Insulation (recycled paper) to bring the R- value back up from R-4 to R-30. Now the home is more comfortable, efficient and cleaner.

Attic Seal, New Insulation and Hvac Equipment Upgrade

The house had a lot of hot and cold rooms, cold drafts in some rooms, high utility bills. We went in and sealed all air leaks from attic to the living space, We blew in new Cellulose attic insulating. We also added Silver Glow insulating foam board to the attic knee walls, we also used it to block off open joist space under floor of upstairs rooms. We then spray foamed the existing attic duct system which sealed any duct leaks and added a greater R value to the duct. Last but not least we replaced the three existing haeting and cooling systems with new Carrier 19seer high efficient variable units to help lower utility cost. Within the first few days and even while we were doing the work the home owners could notice a difference from one day to the next.

Lightning strike to ac units to home in Mt Brook Al

Our customers house was struck by lightning on Thursday afternoon 6/4/2015. As a result he had no cooling from either od his two systems. Our service technician Ed Schiller was dispatched late Friday afternoon. When Ed arrived he discovered that the circuit board in each of the two indoor units was burned up due to the power surge. The challenge was getting through afternoon traffic on a Friday afternoon to pick up the new boards at the supply house. Ed told Mr Allison not to worry he would get his cooling going that afternoon. A call th the supplier that he was on the way and please no not lock up until he got there. Our supplier being great people and being all about taking care of customers as well waited an extra 30 minutes for ust to get tere. Once Ed got the parts and got back to the Allison residence he had both systems back up and running within the hour.

Attic Insulation in an older home in Vestavia Al

The older home had several types of insulation. It had original rock wool insulation in joist space, with roll out batts of fiberglass on top and blown in pink fiberglass insulation capping it off. There was presence of sguirrel and rodents having been in the attic in the past. The solution was to remove all old insulation from the attic completely. This allowed the home owner to have an electrician to come in and bring some wiring issues up to code. We then went in and sealed all the top wall plates, wire penetrations, and around plumbing pipes in the attic. Once the sealing was complete we blew in 14" of new clean cellulose insulation. Check out the before, during and after photos below.

Old boiler with cooling only converted to High efficient Heating & Cooling Mt. Brook Al

An older home in Mt Brook Al. had a boiler that was leaking and needed to be replaced. The cooling only air handlers were old but working.

The home owner decied to upgrade both the heating and the cooling to Carrier high efficient systems. We went in and removed the old boiler system completely. We removed the old cooling only air handlers. We then installed new Carrier 92% gas furnaces with 16 Seer condensing units along with new cooling coils and thermostats. As we were replacing the equipment on the upstairs system located in the attic, we discovered what most likely was mold growing inside this system. We installed a new and sealed duct system the new systems will make this home owners home much more comfortable and save on their energy cost. Check out the before and after photos below.

Water on Ceiling

We had a customer in Birmingham AL call in with water getting on celing. We found it was coming from system in the attic. The cause was the drain on the coil was leaking and by passing a secondary pan under unit because it was too small.

Another company quoted a large price to take loose the unit and duct to put in larger pan because tightness of attic.

However we were able to take a strap and come along and lift unit up  and slide old pan out and a new one in place for a fraction of the cost. We repaired the drain and added a emergency moisture swith, problem solved

Work Requests From Birmingham, AL
Whippoorwool Drive in Birmingham
Looking for quote for attic insulation removal and replacement
Barclay Lane in Birmingham
I want to ensure the air quality in my home to prevent and detect allergens, dust and mold
Belle Meade Way in Birmingham
Would like estimate to install 22KW whole house standby generator...been researching Generac
Birch Creek Drive in Birmingham
Need to see about your maintenance program for my 2 AC units. Upstairs/downstairs.
Crossings Ln in Birmingham
Finished room above garage gets too hot. Looking for solutions to help cool the room
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