Burning Heater Smell: What Does It Mean and How Do I Fix It?

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Heating your home is essential during the winter, but you may notice a burning smell coming from your heating system when it turns on. It’s likely due to a dusty build-up on the coils and isn’t cause for alarm. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the possible causes of a burning smell from your heater and what you can do about it.

Possible causes of a burning smell from your heating system:

  1. Burning dust – When you turn on your furnace for the first time in a while, the dust accumulated on the heating elements can burn off and cause a burning smell. It is not harmful and will go away after a time. Keep an eye on it and open a window if the smell becomes too strong.
  • Dirty filter – This is the most common cause of a burning smell when you turn on your heating system. A dirty filter restricts airflow and causes the heat exchanger to overheat. To fix this, replace your filter with a new one.
  • Cracked heat exchanger – A cracked heat exchanger is a more serious problem that should be fixed by a professional. A cracked heat exchanger can leak carbon monoxide into your home, which is a severe health hazard. If you think your heat exchanger might be cracked, shut off your heater immediately and call a Standard (link) for help.
  • Wiring problem – Another potential cause of a burning smell from your heater is a wiring problem. If your furnace has loose, damaged, or corroded wires, it could create a burning smell. If there is a wiring problem, shut off your heater immediately and call a Standard (link) to inspect and repair any wiring issues as soon as possible.

Talk to a Professional Heating Contractor in Birmingham, AL

Heating systems can fail for many reasons, but if you notice a burning smell lingering for longer than a few hours, there might be an issue. A quick fix could make things worse by causing more damage or putting your family in danger, so call us immediately! We’re here to make sure your home stays warm all winter long!

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