Tips to fight inflation

Fight inflation at home with these tips

Rising costs are taking a toll on consumers everywhere – from high food and gas prices to increasing energy costs; you’re probably looking for ways to save money on your monthly expenses. You can fight inflation at home with some of these money-saving tips to help you cut those energy costs.

avoid chemical drain cleaners

Why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners

It’s happened to all of us – you’re taking a shower, the water isn’t draining, and soon enough, the bathtub filled with water. Drain clogs are annoying, and you may reach for the chemical drain cleaner under the sink. But is it safe to use?

Freon cannisters

R-22/Freon Phase out

As of January 1, 2020, it is illegal to produce new Freon refrigerant or R22 (also called virgin refrigerant). Freon is a CFC gas that is harmful to the ozone layer and the phaseout was mandated via the Montreal Protocol treaty between global nations. You can legally buy Freon and use it in HVAC systems; …

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Air conditioners on top of a downtown condo

Humidity control is just as important as temperature control!

Living in the South we all know what humidity is and how it feels. Thanks to air conditioning we can find relief from the summer heat indoors. The beauty of air conditioners is that they not only lower the temperature but also control and remove humidity. Air conditioners tackle two types of heat. The first …

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The Importance of Keeping Your Outdoor Unit Clean

Southerners are no stranger to how brutal summer can get. High temperatures, sweltering humidity, and long hours of sunlight make air conditioning necessary in the modern home. Business owners know they need to control the temperature of their environment so their employees are productive and customers are comfortable when they come to visit. And likewise, every southerner …

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