Warning: Do not flush wipes down the toilet

Don't flush wipes

You’ve seen the flushable wipes at the store and probably even bought them for your family. They’re convenient and claim to be safe for your plumbing system – but are they safe?

Those so-called “flushable” wipes may be the culprit if you’re having plumbing problems. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t flush those wipes.

“Flushable” Wipes Don’t Disintegrate

Most people assume that wipes disintegrate once they get flushed, but most of them stay intact. The wipes will go down the toilet without any issue, but they can cause further problems in the sewer system. Toilet paper usually breaks down in about 24 hours, but wet wipes stick around for a lot longer, causing a large buildup that can clog the drain lines. The safest way to discard wet wipes is to throw them in the trash.

A Buildup of Wipes Causes “Fatbergs”

A fatberg is a mass of solid waste in a sewer system that is made up of things like cooking fats, disposable wipes, and sanitary items that get flushed down the toilet. It is estimated that disposable wipes make up 90% of these massive clogs. These are expensive to fix and pose even more health risks to sewer workers.

Wipes Can Damage Home Septic Systems

Even if the wet wipes make it through the pipes in your plumbing system, they can still wreak havoc in your septic tank. Instead of a drain or pipe clog, you’ll deal with a blockage in the septic tank. Backed-up sewage can work its way back into your home through sinks, drains, and bathtubs, causing thousands of dollars in cleanup and repair costs.

Dispose of Wipes Properly to Avoid Costly Repairs

The safest way to dispose of disposable wipes is to throw them in the garbage – but it’s important to note that these wipes are NOT recyclable. The best solution is simple – don’t use disposable wipes if you don’t have to!

Professional Plumbing Help in Birmingham

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