Don’t Let Winter Freeze Your Pipes! Common Signs of Frozen Plumbing

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The chill of winter brings beautiful snowfalls and memorable cozy moments by a fire. However, winter also comes with any homeowner’s nightmare: frozen pipes!

Leaks, water damage, burst pipes, mold, and mildew are all consequences you might have to face if you experience frozen pipes. But there is good news! Understanding the signs of frozen plumbing can save you from a costly and inconvenient disaster. Here are the major signs to watch out for:

Frosty Pipes

This may be one of the more obvious telltale signs that your pipes are frozen. If you notice frost or a layer of ice on the outside of the pipes, it strongly indicates that they are freezing or have already frozen.

Lack of Water Flow

If you turn on a faucet in the middle of winter only to notice a lack of water flow, a frozen pipe could be the culprit. Frozen pipes often obstruct water flow due to the ice causing a blockage. 

Strange Sounds

Have you noticed strange noises from the toilet when you flush or from any of the faucets in your home? Banging, clanking, or whistling sounds could signal ice blockages or expanding pipes. These are sounds that you certainly do not want to ignore. 

Foul Odors

When ice causes a blockage in a plumbing pipe, it blocks the odors from your food and waste that would otherwise drain out of your home. When the odors cannot escape, they come back up the pipe and into the air. Although there are other likely culprits for foul odors coming from your pipes, if it is winter, they are likely frozen.

Visible Cracks or Bulges

Frozen water expands, leading to potential cracks or bulges in the affected pipes. If you suspect your home is suffering from frozen pipes, do an inspection and check for any abnormalities along the pipe’s surface.

Take Action to Prevent Disaster

Spotting the signs of frozen pipes is crucial, and immediate action is necessary to prevent potential damage. If you suspect a frozen pipe and cannot thaw it safely, contact the expert plumbers at Standard Heating, Cooling & Plumbing immediately. Just give us a call at (205) 386-4001 or schedule your appointment online. 

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