Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

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Garbage disposals are often lifesavers while you are in the kitchen whipping up some of your favorite dishes. Although disposals are tough, they are certainly not indestructible or a waste pit for every food scrap in your kitchen.

Garbage Disposal Dos:

Putting the wrong items in your disposal can cause it to need premature repairs, which can be quite expensive. If you aren’t sure how to keep your garage disposal up and running properly, here are some key garbage disposal dos and don’ts!

– Run your garbage disposal regularly to prevent rust and corrosion

– Use your garbage disposal for liquids and soft foods. Softer items are not difficult for your disposal to get rid of and reduce the likelihood of clogs or other plumbing issues.

– Keep your garbage disposal clean. This prevents blockages and clogs and contributes to your disposal working properly

– Hold on to your trashcans and waste bins. Garbage disposals are great appliances to have in your kitchen, but they should not be your only option. Keep trashcans around for food and items that are unsafe to put in the sink.

Garbage Disposal Don’t’s

– Run your garbage disposal without cold water. The last thing you want to do is run your disposal without water or cut off the water too soon. Be sure to let the water run for about 15 seconds after the disposal has been turned off.

– Use harsh chemicals. Using chemicals may seem like a good idea if you are trying to unclog or sanitize your garbage disposal, but it is highly advised not to take this route. This action can lead to damage and poor performance.

– Put harsh foods or products in your disposal. Large bones, grease, nuts, eggshells, and oils are all items that are absolute nightmares for your garbage disposal. Even if tossing these foods down the disposal does not cause immediate issues, it can down the line.

– Pour hot water into a clogged unit. Hot water can worsen the issue if you are already experiencing problems with your garbage disposal. The heat will melt any grease or fats inside, making unclogging even more difficult.

Local Plumbers in Birmingham, AL

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