How to Keep your Home Safe and Warm during the Holidays

Safe ways to heat your home

The holiday music, festive parties, and ugly sweaters have coined December as “the most wonderful time of year,” and rightfully so! During this joyous time, many people are home for the holidays, so making sure your homes are safe and free of any heating hazards is essential.

To make sure you and your family can remain safe during the holidays this year, here are some heating safety tips to put into action!

1.) Do not use the oven to heat your home

Although it may be tempting to allow your oven to be the primary heating source in your home, this is a considerable fire hazard. Instead, opt for a safer option, such as your HVAC system or a space heater.

2.) Inspect your Equipment

Before you get too eager and hurriedly plug in your space heater, inspect its cords for any damage or corrosion. If you spot any visible damage to cords, don’t use them! Rather than taking the risk, it is best to replace the equipment.

3.) Implement the 3 feet rule

A good rule of thumb for your space heaters, furnaces, candles, etc., is to keep them at least 3 feet away from their surroundings. Also, turn off all heating appliances whenever you leave your home.

4.) Be mindful of your plugs

Only plug one heating appliance into an electrical outlet at a time. Never use an extension cord or power strip for your space heaters to prevent a heating hazard.

5.) Have a professional install your heating equipment

To make sure your heating systems are installed correctly, have a qualified professional install your heating equipment. Maintenance is also vital for the safety and efficiency of your heating systems, so don’t forget to schedule routine maintenance visits for your equipment.

These tips will get you on track to having a warm and safe holiday season! But remember, you do not have to do it on your own. Let the experts help! If you would like to have a professional come out to inspect or repair your heating systems during these cold months, contact Standard today, (205) 386-4001!

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