How to Save Money on your Heating Bills

lowing utility bills

Winter does not only come with hot chocolate, snowmen, and fuzzy socks. It can also come with sky-high utility bills, making this time of year seem less joyous. While it can be a bit pricey to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the winter, there are still ways that you can save money on your heating bills that don’t involve cutting off your heat altogether.

To cut the costs on your energy bill this winter, check out these changes you can make around your home!

Program your thermostat

You may be surprised by the difference you can make on your utility bills by adjusting your thermostat. As a matter of fact, you can save as much as 10% a year if you drop your thermostat down 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day. Adjust your thermostat accordingly if you know that you and your family will be out of the house or even on vacation. If you feel like turning your thermostat up and down is a hassle, you are in luck. Smart thermostats offer the option of putting your thermostat on an automatic schedule. You can even adjust the thermostat from your phone with these neat devices.

Seal all doors and windows

Heat can easily sneak out of the doors and windows in your home if they are not properly sealed. As the temperatures start to drop, take the time to inspect your home for any potential air leaks. If you feel cold air along the sides of the windows or at the bottom of your doors, you may be at risk of losing significant heat during the winter.

Open up your Blinds

Sunlight is a free, often overlooked way to cut the costs of your heating bills. Open up those blinds when the sun is shining, even on a winter day! If your house is already warming from the sun, your HVAC system will not need to work in overdrive. Not to mention, vitamin D is excellent for your health! This one is a win-win.

Use a Space Heater

Are you the only one in your house who always seems to be freezing? A space heater may be your home’s life-saver (and money-saver). If you spend a lot of time in certain rooms in your home, such as your office or living room, a space heater is a great way to heat a specific area. Rather than cranking the heat up for the entire house, this can give you the comfort you need.

Bundle up 

If you want to cut costs on your heating bills, it may be time to pull out those cozy sweatpants and flannels. The warmer you are from your clothes, the fewer trips you have to take over to the thermostat to turn the heat up. So if you have been looking for a sign to pull out your favorite oversized hoodie, this is it!

We know it can be expensive to keep your home warm and comfortable during winter, but these small changes can make a huge difference. To ensure you get the most out of your HVAC system, reach out to Standard today! Schedule your next service call online or give us a call at (205) 386-4001

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