Is it Really a Big Deal if you Skip out on HVAC Maintenance?

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It is the beginning of the year, and you may still be figuring out what things will be on your priority list this year. If you are considering moving your HVAC maintenance visits to the bottom of your to-do list, you might want to reconsider.

Often, homeowners only think about their HVAC system once an issue arises. While it is great to have a system that works so efficiently that you forget it is there, you must take proper care of your equipment. Still not convinced? Here are four things that can happen when you don’t maintain your HVAC system:

Costly Repairs

With the rising costs of everyday items, people across the country are trying to find ways to cut back their spending. One of the main benefits of regular maintenance visits is that your technician can detect and diagnose problems early before it results in a system failure down the line. It is much more cost-efficient to pay for more minor repairs rather than replace your entire unit because of a missed maintenance appointment.

Efficiency Issues

If your HVAC unit does not get the TLC that it needs, it can affect its overall efficiency and wreak havoc on your utility bills. Your HVAC unit needs proper cleaning, inspections, safety checks, etc.; skipping out on these measures can cause efficiency to decline over time. Without regular check-ups, your system will work under excessive strain, drastically increasing energy consumption and leading to higher utility bills.

Poor Air Quality 

One of the primary functions of an HVAC is to filter pollutants out of the air you breathe inside your home. When you skip out on your maintenance appointments, your unit cannot perform this job well, which can put you and your family at risk. The more efficient your HVAC system is the better the air quality in your home.

Potential Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a huge potential threat to your home safety. When an expert comes to perform a routine maintenance check on your HVAC, they check for any undetected leaks from your unit, including carbon monoxide leaks. These leaks can be deadly for your family, so getting your maintenance checks needs to be non-negotiable.

If you are in the Birmingham area and ready to ensure your HVAC unit is running at peak performance, schedule your appointment with Standard today! Our expert technicians will perform a thorough maintenance check to make sure your unit is running smoothly. Just give us a call at (205) 386-4001 or schedule your appointment online

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