Myths About Summertime Cooling

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Summertime is on the horizon, and many people are starting to brace themselves for scorching temperatures. Now is the perfect time for homeowners to begin enacting a game plan to ensure their home is cool and comfortable during the warmer months. However, the first step is deciphering facts from fiction regarding home cooling.

There is a lot of information about how to cut energy costs and stay as cool as possible during the summer. While some of the advice is helpful, some can do you and your HVAC more harm than good. So, the experts at Standard are here to set the record straight! Here are some popular home cooling myths and misconceptions.

MYTH #1: You Should Turn Your System Off When You’re Away

Thousands of suitcases are packed nationwide as families prepare for summer vacation. A common myth that has always floated around is that you should turn your air conditioning system completely off when on vacation. However, this is not a smart option. Doing this will make your home extremely hot while you are gone and take longer to cool down when you return. It also runs the risk of creating a humid environment for bacterial growth to thrive. Instead, set your thermostat to around 80 degrees while you are away.

MYTH #2: A Bigger System is Better at Cooling

Just because a home has a larger air conditioning system, it does not mean it is more effective at cooling. Contrary to popular belief, an AC system that is too big can have an adverse effect. If it is too big for the space, it will shut off repeatedly to avoid excess cooling, resulting in increased energy consumption. Always be sure to consult with your technician so they can evaluate what size unit is best for your home.

MYTH #3: Ceiling Fans Lower the Temperature

Now this one may come as a surprise. Ceiling fans can be great additions to your home year-round, especially during the summer. However, many people think that ceiling fans actually lower the temperature in a room when they do not. Instead, they help you feel cool from the breeze they produce against your skin. They can also make a room feel cooler by redistributing the air in a room to help you feel more comfortable.

MYTH #4: An Extremely Low Thermostat Setting Will Cool Your Home Faster

Before you drastically reduce your thermostat setting this summer to get quicker relief, think twice. Cranking your thermostat will not cool your home down faster, even though your instinct may say otherwise. Air conditioning systems can only operate at certain speeds, so it will just continue to run until it reaches the setting on your thermostat. To avoid this problem, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat to keep your home at a desirable temperature.

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