Spooky HVAC Occurrences

October is here, which means it is officially the spookiest month of the year. While some may gather around the campfire to listen to a hair-raising fable, others may be frightened by the HVAC in their own home.

Some common HVAC problems can make you think something is lurking in your home or your house is haunted. Our team of technicians is here to explain how your system can give you a scare that feels straight out of a horror movie!

Mysterious Sounds

What is a scary story without an eerie screeching or loud, unexpected bang? If you hear a screeching, banging, or loud creaking from your HVAC system, you may want to call a professional technician instead of Ghostbusters. These sounds are often a symptom of a damaged unit and can indicate a damaged belt or motor. You may also hear creaks and groans when your heating and cooling system activates as the ductwork expands and contracts.

A Spooky Cold Room

It is common for homeowners to have a room in their house that is colder than others. Before you blame a ghost for this occurrence, we have a more likely cause. A cold room is sometimes a symptom of blocked vents that cannot push air through your home. It can even point to a larger issue, like having the wrong size HVAC system in your home.

Suspicious Closing Doors

Doors slamming shut unexpectedly can give even the biggest horror movie buff a scare! This is an unsettling experience that many homeowners face, but it is relatively common. This issue may indicate that you have a pressure imbalance in your home. These imbalances can lead to unwanted air drafts that can move a door closed if it is not shut. If this is a common occurrence in your home, call an HVAC technician to fix the issue and put you and your family at ease. 

While these eerie occurrences may make you think your home is haunted, rest assured that, in most cases, it’s simply the quirks and idiosyncrasies of your HVAC system at work. To ensure your heating and cooling issues aren’t the scariest part of this month, call Standard Heating, Cooling & Plumbing at (205) 386-4001 or visit us online.

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